This page provides helpful information about how to use Data Confidence.

Explore Analysis

The Analyses tab allows you to explore the existing analyses. The different filters (1) allow you to browse/explore the analyses repository.

Discover Analysis details

Discover the analysis details, share and rate them or make a comment (2). View (3) or create your own analysis (4).


Select or deselect an element by clicking everywhere on the charts (A, B, C, D, E, F) and charts will be updated automatically.

The drill-down feature allows you to navigate deeper in the geographical level in the chart map (D). To do this, you need to hold Ctrl key and roll-down or roll-up your mouse wheel. You can modify, remove or add new charts by clicking on the gear box in each chart set.

Store and explore again your analysis in the analyses page by clicking on the Save Analysis as button (G).